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Here's the first of a few sneak previews of The Sugar Rose Kitchen's Easy Baking e-book. I'll be sharing some different FREE recipes over the next few weeks just to show you how simple and effective they are. This one is my highly refined flapjack recipe. I say highly refined because when I first started making them they were absolutely terrible! We almost broke teeth, had lots of greasy undercooked messes and some huge batches of not so healthy granola!

Here are some of the issues I had and the solutions I've discovered.... maybe these are the problems you've been having too:

  • Too greasy - this is trial and error with the butter and syrup ratios, I've found a lot of recipes have too much butter, also margarine doesn't work!

  • Too crumbly - oats too large or too many additions if you're adding nuts and fruit etc, use the small cheap oats, or grind them with a pestle and mortar. Also flatten the mixture down well in the tin.

  • Rock hard! - baked too long, when the flapjacks come out of the oven they should still be bubbling a little. (Not the end of the world just bash the life out of it and turn it into a not so healthy granola!).

  • Impossible to cut, or falls apart when cutting - make sure to score them when they come out of the oven, before they cool.

Here is the recipe:

Good luck with my BEST EVER FLAPJACK recipe and these tips. Once you've nailed it you can start adding extras such as extracts or flavourings, nuts, dried fruit or chocolate chips. Here are some flavour combinations I like:

  • Cranberries and orange extract

  • Maple syrup or maple flavouring and pecans

  • White chocolate and freeze dried raspberries

  • Dark chocolate and apricot chunks.

For more easy baking recipes why not pre-order the e-book here


P.S. Here's the perfect baking tin for your flapjacks from none other than Mary Berry and Lakeland.

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