How to choose and order the perfect wedding cake

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One of the most important parts of your special day has to be the cake! It is a focal point (in addition to your beautiful selves) for the whole day and often the final thing people enjoy at the end of the day, or even take home with them. Here are my top tips for choosing your cake and placing an order with a wedding cake maker:

1. Size

In addition to your day guests, consider evening guests and gifts for non-attendees. If it’s a small wedding you might want a larger cake anyway to make the cake look more impressive.

2. Type/Design

Consider traditional cake, cupcakes, brownie stack or dessert style. If you can’t decide why not order a cake table! Think of what your wedding style will be and make the cake one of the last things you decide on to suit this.

3. Flavour

Consider what your guests will want, not just what you like. You can choose a crowd pleaser, or something a bit more adventurous. Most cake makers will have a menu and can arrange samples or a tasting for you. Then think about the icing, fondant, royal, ganache, buttercream or a ‘naked’ cake (one with little to no icing at all)

4. Finding a cake maker

Ask for recommendations, visit wedding fairs, consult directories and social media. Contact them at least 6 months in advance of your wedding and arrange a consultation. Be armed with all the relevant information about your wedding and the cak