The...chuck whatever you've got in a bowl, add melted chocolate and stick it in the fridge cake!

Or... you could call it Rocky Road! This is just one of the recipes available in my Easy Baking E-book which you can buy here:

This is such an easy no-bake recipe and a great one to do with the kids. The beauty of it is you can put whatever you want in and it won't spoil. If the kids don't like raisins, just leave them out, if you'd prefer ginger nuts to rich tea just go for it. I like to experiment with different flavourings and ingredients like fudge chunks, honeycomb, varieties of dried fruit like cherries and cranberries. Just go for whatever takes your fancy, or whatever you need to use up!

In terms of chocolate I would go for the best quality you can find, it melts easier, holds together better and tastes amazing. Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup together, preferably in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water to avoid the chocolate burning.


Makes: 12 slices Total time: 20 mins (not including chilling)


270g butter

400g 70% dark chocolate

4-6 tbsp golden syrup